Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Allow Me To Introduce Myself.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Timothy Gordon and I am a successful police constable candidate. It’s in big part thanks to that I am here, able to share my experiences with you. Let me firstly say good for you for catching the “bug”. You’re taking the steps towards a rewarding and exciting career. Also, you’re being proactive to seek out resources to help you be successful in this process. That initiative will keep your head above water when it looks or feels like your chances are drowning. has everything you need from start to finish; I really do recommend it to all my friends. Whether it be written or behavioral testing, preparing for the physical readiness exam, putting together the perfect police resume, acing the interviews or most importantly keeping yourself motivated through the process, this website will guide you to success.

This blog will be updated frequently, so please feel free to comment on the blog and leave your questions, if you prefer a more private method, email me with your questions, I will write back. Also, don't miss out on the TRP Forum - it's a great place to connect with other applicants. My story very simply begins like most of yours, a little less than a year ago. Maybe you, like me heard that your local police service, the O.P.P. or even the RCMP needs recruits. By all accounts it seems to be an employees market out there. I started with a web advertisement for the RCMP and, after checking out the website, calling the recruiting hotline and visiting an information session in my town, it was then that I caught the “bug”. The unfortunate reality for me with joining the RCMP is that for a minimum of five years I would be far away from Ontario, let alone south west Ontario, my home. I knew that it would put a strain on my relationship with my fiancé; I began seeking out information on joining my local police service, to my surprise there was a recruitment shortage across the province, my dream of being a police constable was becoming realized. Now the problem was actualizing my dream!

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