Thursday, April 17, 2008

Laser Eye Surgery

Once you complete your BPAD it's time to have your eyes tested. The good people at Applicant Testing Services are not optometrists but do try their best to give you the best test they can. If you wear eye glasses or contact lenses chances are you will not meet the standard to pass this portion of your testing and you may be required to get laser eye surgery if you wish to move forward. I needed laser eye surgery and I researched every type of surgery available. First what I would recomd before you even go in for your stage one testing is take a trip to the optometrists and have an eye test. See if you ultimately will need eye surgery and if you can afford. Your uncorrected vision (without glassess or contacts) must be 20/40. I was 20/80! I had my eyes evaluated before I even went in to write my stage one tests.

Choosing an opthamologist/surgeon to do your procedure can be difficult. For me, I chose Lasik Eye Surgery and opted to drive all the way out to Fort Eerie, Ontario. The reason why I drove to Fort Eerie was because of the Lasik Centre surgeon, Dr. Teal. She had an excellent reputation, could see me soon and charged a moderate price. The exact price, for me it was $2,400 for both eyes. For you it could be different because the price is based on the work that needs to be done to your eyes specifically. I know there are places where you can have this procedure done for cheaper but Dr. Teal is one of the best and is well worth the drive.

It was May of 2007 (almost a year ago) when I had my Lasik Eye Surgery. Let me first tell you that the surgery is very simple, there are a few jarring things about it like seeing the flap of you eye ball being peeled back or the scent emitted by the laser as it shapes your eyes. Also, many people don't realize that you absolutely must wear 100% u.v. sunglasses when outdoors during daylight hours for not merely a week after your surgery but for months. Yes, this is true. The u.v. rays will cause your surgery to regress, this is not what you want as those who do not wear sunglasses often find themselves going back for a second procedure. You must even wear sunglasses on dark or overcast days. What I recommend is buying two pairs of sunglasses, a dark tint for bright days and a light tint for overcast days. Also, insure that the lenses cover your entire eye, if u.v. rays are leaking in from the sides you're still doing damage. Also, you really must follow the specific directions of not rubbing your eyes, lubricate every half hour with preservative free eye drops, use your medicated eye drops at the right intervals. It will seem like a bit much at the time because there are so many tiny details however, remember the more attention you pay to these details the faster your eyes will heal and the better your quality of eyesight will be!

Here is the tricky part about the procedure, getting your eyes evaluated and passed for a successful mark on your certificate of results. Applicant Testing Services will provide you with all the paperwork, information and contact numbers you will need to complete this paperwork. Despite all the misinformation out there on policing forums, you do not have to wait a year. I was afraid of this myself when I first had my surgery and thought I would have to wait, this isn't so. Your eyes heal slowly but they heal quick enough. The day after your surgery you have a follow-up with the surgeon to make sure everything is okay and that you're eyes are healing well. Usually one week after your surgery you have another follow-up but this time with your optometrist at this time your optometrist will test your eye sight as long as it is 20/40 or better you're okay. This is the first portion of the paperwork done, then twenty one days later you come back and have your eyes tested again, if you once more meet 20/40 or better you have completed the last part of the 21 day waiting period. Thus far it has been simple the tricky part comes in to play now as you will have to wait to visit a specific opmtometrist to finish your testing. These final tests include air being blown and measured by pressure onto your eyes as you focus on a moving image, then your night vision will be tested. If you pass this final hurdle you receive a clean bill of health. So, to reiterate, it only takes 21 days to get a clean bill of health and have your eyes approved for a pass on your COR.

I used to wear my glasses everyday for weeks after the surgery I used to reach for my face where my glasses were to remove them before bed, it was a funny feeling. I must admit for months after the surgery my eyes were very sensitive to light and felt "grainy" or as if something was in them, I had the desire to itch or rub them often but I didn't and I am very happy with the result of my eye surgery.


Philippe said...

awesome. wheres that surgeon?

Bruno said...

Following the doctor's order for faster recovery is always the best idea to get that perfect vision quicker. They also say that Laser Eye Surgeries are painless, which is good news for those who are planning to undergo one. And I love the idea of using sunglasses to protect your eyes, as it also makes you look cool.

Bruno Hill

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