Monday, July 21, 2008

Staying Motivated.

I hope all of you are doing well with your testing and interviews. This week I want to post about something a little less talked about, something everyone, myself included needs from time to time. Motivation. This process, regardless of whether you're applying to be a Police Constable or a Firefighter, is long. It takes time to prepare for the testing, get your results, apply, to services, hear back, interview, hear back about that, go in for the next round of interviews or hear from your background investigator. Sometimes things happen quickly and your head spins from antisipation of what is right around the corner, that final offer of employment. However, you may find you once more have to wait. It can truly be a rollercoaster ride. You might even feel like this process is draining you, perhaps you really had your hopes up with one service and that doesn't work out for you.

Here is my suggestion, don't sweat it, keep your head up and push on. This is a long process and it isn't going to get any easier worrying about the outcome.

I most often liken these final stages of the application process to the final stages of the shuttle run, you might be a little tired, your feet might even be a little sore but you didn't come this far for nothing and aslong as you keep moving, you'll make it. I think the same rings true for the hiring pool, stick with your post secondary online class or night school class, keep your exercise routine, prepare for that next test thats about to expire, find a new and interesting volunteer experience. Emerse yourself in family and friends who will support you. Support groups are highly underrated.

Ultimately, keep your head above water, when it's your time to be called in or move forward it will happen and I'm sure you will regret stressing the whole time.

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