Thursday, September 24, 2009

TRP Offers PAL (Restricted/Non-Restricted) Courses with LIVE FIRE! Plus Hunter & Boater Safety

Dear TRP Alumni,

We are pleased to offer firearms training - PAL (non-restricted/restricted) with Available LIVE FIRE! plus Hunter Safety and Boater Safey Courses!

Course Information:
The PAL Non Restricted Course begins on Friday, Sept 25, at 6pm-10pm andfinishes the next day on Saturday, 8am to 2pm (10 hours).

The Restricted Course will start on Thursday, October 1, from 3pm to 9pm (6hours).

The cost of the Non Restricted is $120.

The Restricted is $100.
A live fire session will be offered on a separate day, to candidates perusing a career with security, law enforcement or conservation officer.

The Hunter Education Course will be taught on Saturday, October 3rd (8am to 6pm). This course is 10 hours at a cost of $120.

All the courses will be presented at the Collingwood Gun Club, 12 Gun club Road, Collingwood.

NOTE: Future Dates will be available throughout the GTA, view the
TRP Forum for Details…

How to Register:
Please contact to secure your space!

Instructor Information:
Detective Constable Ian MacGregor is currently a 34 year experienced police officer.

During his tenure Mr MacGregor has been involved with a wide variety of police duties, ranging from enforcing Federal and Provincial Statutes, to being a part of special police units and training programs, which include Security & Tactics Units and Instructor Duties at police and security training facilities.

Ian is a qualified Firearms Instructor and continues to instruct firearm programs for uniform members, recruits and special units.

In addition to his duties Ian is certified to teach the Canadian Firearms Safety Course for Non-Restricted Firearms (sporting shotguns & rifles) and the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (handguns) for persons interested in acquiring a Possession Acquisition License (P.A.L.).

Ian is International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC), Black Badge qualified, and offers live firearms training in the safe operation and handling of handguns, to candidates interested in pursuing a career as a security, police and conservation officer. This training will increase confidence and familiarity with handguns used by various police agencies.

Ian also is a qualified instructor for Hunter Education, and Marine Safety Courses for people interested in hunting and boating licenses.

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