Saturday, July 17, 2010

Police Interview Mentoring and Test Tutoring.

My most recent student, who was successful on all interviews with the Hamilton Police Service is moving into backgrounds and instructed by his background investigator that an offer of employment will be given as soon as possible to get him trained for the September intake at the Ontario Police College. He told me last night that, "I wouldn't have passed these interviews if it wasn't for you." This makes me feel on top of the world but what makes me feel even better is seeing results, this will be my 26th student to get hired! I truly am proud of every single one of my students and I love that I've been a part of so many people realizing their dreams.

I hear positive comments from students like that time and time again. I hear it from students who failed their interviews and then sought out help and contacted me, I hear it from students who are nervous and ask me to help them before they even get started preparing. First of all, I welcome everyone and am interested in helping all students at any time of their application, whether you're getting ready to write your PATI, WCT, BPAD or you already have your OACP COR and are preparing for interviews.

What do we do in mentoring? I give you all the information you need to prepare for the interviews; I firmly believe the first step to succeeding at your interviews is knowing what you're up against. I offer insight into each of the competencies, what they mean, how they can be interpreted differently from police service to police service, how the Ontario Provincial Police may ask for a competency differently than the Toronto Metropolitan Police or Halton Regional Police. Part of this is also relating your own experiences to the competencies so that you can prepare.

I coach every student with all of their competency stories. Apart from meeting in person and reviewing my learning material, I work with students for hours after every session sending emails back and forth, with phone calls to discuss their specific stories that they're developing. From my experience I know what types of competency stories will work and which will not, this feedback will strengthen your interview stories. I also conduct mock interviews with notes and critiques to improve your interview skills.

Although approximately 99% of my students have been successful with their interviews after working with me I cannot guarantee that you will pass or that you will be hired. Not all students who pass their interviews receive an offer of employment. Some applicants are more appropiate than others for each service. I also offer advice and suggestions on making applications more competitive.

Services I offer:
PATI, WCT, BPAD tutoring.

Local Focus Interview (LFI), Developmental Competency Interview (DCI), Essential Competency Interview (ECI).

Resume, cover letter workshop and application review, mock interviews, competency journal review.

If you're interested in any of my services contact me directly: Tim Gordon