Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TRP's Police interview coach helps students ace ECI panel interviews and land jobs!

Hey folks,

I know I haven't been able to keep up with blogging so allow me to share some of the of the new developments that have been happening. First off, I'm EXTREMELY proud to announce that 30 of our students have made it to Ontario Police College, hired on as Police Constables with various services including Toronto Metropolitan Police, York Regional Police, Peel Regional Police, Hamilton Police Service, Niagara Regional Police, Ontario Provincial Police, Bellevile Police Serivce, Waterloo Regional Police and Guelph Police Service.

All 30 of these students used TestReadyPro's exclusive one-on-one inteview coaching. The interview coaching is a $200, three hour session with myself where we cover the ECI, essential competency interview, DCI, developmental competency interview and the LFI, local focus interview. Email me directy to discuss coaching: testreadyhelp@gmail.com

Some of the comments I've received: "Tim, I passed my ECI today! I felt confident during my interview and was told by my interviewers they could tell I was prepared. Thanks for everything."

"Tim: I just wanted to let you know that I got the job with the Belleville Police Service. I want to say THANK YOU!!!!. If it was not for all your help I am sure I would not have been as successful. Your are my hero!!!!!"

This is what me and everyone else at TestReadyPro want. We're honoured to be the company that people turn to when they need help with their dream of becoming a police constable. Other exciting developments include the site has a brand new look and our practice tests have enhanced functionality thanks to the brilliant minds over at IJ Solutions (ijsolutions.ca) and the forum is back online after a short and somewhat jarring hiatus (forums.testreadypro.com). I really can not encourage any applicants whether they be Police Constable or Firefighter hopefuls to hop on the forum, talk shop and network. Taking part in this application process is just that - a process. Band together and support eachother on the forum, network to take classes together and of course I wil be there always offering advice for free!

Keep posted to the blog as I'll be writing some articles in the new future on credentialism and the professionalization of emergency services. Also, feel free to join me on the forum or email me personally: testreadyhelp@gmail.com to discuss these issues and how they relate to building your application and resume!



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