Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Build Your Resume with this Mental Health for First Responders Certificate Course.

First responders are the individuals who provide services in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. They represent a variety of disciplines, and may include law enforcement officials, medical personnel, mental health providers, firefighters, and search and rescue teams. While first responders face the possibility of physical harm from environmental and other exposures, their work may also negatively impact their mental health.
The intention of this course is to provide you with information about mental wellness and developing mental resiliency as a first responder. It is also designed to shed light on what it’s like to work as a first responder and challenges you may face..
Mental Health is a key priority and issue facing all First Responders, ensure you have this valuable certificate in your portfolio!
This is recommended course for all ENTRY LEVEL and CURRENT APPLICANTS to all Emergency Services across Canada and the US!

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Maria Reese said...

Regardless of how small or large your office is, workers face difficulty in their workplaces which can threaten their health. In some industries such as oil industries, the dangers are really an explicit. These include exposure to fires, breakdown or machinery and eruption material. For other fields, peril might not be very obvious. Working in a restaurant or an office might seem harmless; however psychological stress and food contamination can indeed can cause health problems that are sure to stop productivity.


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