Thursday, September 25, 2008

General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB)

The GATB or General Aptitude Test Battery is used for Special Constables. It's different from the PATI but tests similar skills and capabilities for instance mathematical and mapping skills you will find very similar. Understand though that the GATB is not a test where you sit down and write one long test. Instead, it is a series of many short tests. There are eight pencil and paper, written tests. These tests are done individually and at a quick pace, six minutes is alotted to write each test. These tests There are four tests which require equipment. Just like the PATI it's important to pace yourself and work quickly. I recommend flash card training for those who have a hard time doing math equations in their head, blank scrap paper will be provided but again answering as many questions as you possibly can before your six minute time limit is up is imperative. Spatial reasoning seems to be a surprisingly difficult area along with mapping. TestReadyPro offers GATB preparation material presented just like the PATI material. Although I feel anyone scoring high passes on the PATI (80%+) shouldn't have a difficult time with the GATB, if you can afford it I still recommend using the GATB specific study questions as there are some interesting questions that require logic. You can find the GATB information on TestReadyPro's website here: TestReadyPro GATB

Lets take a look at some of the example questions I found on Applicant Testing Service:

1) Add (+) 397
265 a) 652 b) 662 c) 762 d) 562
The correct answer is 662, therefore on the answer sheet the letter b) would be selected.

2) Which two words have the same meaning? a) fast b) bright c) speedy d) long
The correct answer is fast and speedy, therefore on the answer sheet the letter combination a)-c) would be selected.

3) Which two words have the opposite meaning? a) portly b) tall c) short d) erect
The correct answer is tall and short, therefore on the answer sheet the letter combination b)-c) would be selected.

4) Identify which pairs of names are the same “S” and which pairs are different “D”.
Bradley T. Williams …… Bradly T. Williams
N.N. Somerhouse …… N.N. Somerhouse
Sara P. Smith Co. …… Sara B. Smith Co.

The first pair is different, the second pair is the same, and the third pair is different, therefore the correct answer sequence on the answer sheet
would be D, S and D.

You can find those and more here: Applicant Testing Service Sample GATB

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