Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Back!!

I hope everyone had a great summer! I've been working hard all summer and of course helping as many of you as I can with developing yourselves, preparing for tests and interviews. This summer I had a chance to visit Everest College and give some of their Police Foundations students insight into the hiring process and test preparation. I've been really surprised to see how many applicants are putting studying off. I know the weather is beautiful outside so, the guys at TestReadyPro wanted to introduce a book that you could take with you anywhere to study. This is fine a new product and encompasses a lot of information but books in this electronic age are not only in my opinon obsolete in a culture where information is available at our fingertips within seconds via the internet but utilitiarian books are not socially responsible. It is in saying that, TestReadyPro has adopted a new philosophy, a commitment to be an enviromental leader, minimizing our environmental impact by offering innovative solutions that benefit TestReadyPro's customers and the environment. If you absolutely must have the book printed, you can take the CD to Staples Business Depot and they'll print and bind it for you for very cheap. The material you're getting in this book is nothing like TestReadyPro's competition and I stand behind it 100%.

I really think this is an incredible gesture of forward thinking and I encourage everyone out there who is about to purchasing a book for police testing preparation or test guides, not to. Instead, take a look at TestReadyPro's electronic booklet. For $69, including shipping you get over 300 pages of up to date material. Also, you will find the WCT in this booklet is unlike WCT's found anywhere else, period. You'll also find this is more than a guide, it actually includes learning material tp help you brush up on your math, literacy, including english as a second language exercises, understanding syllogisms, analyzing travel time questions etc. You'll also find information on PREP fitness preparation and something I've been very impressed with as it helped me pass my BPAD, the BPAD video preparation. If that doesn't wet your appetite for the book there is also a substantial amount of interview preparation covering all interviews (LFI, DCI, ECI).

Of course, ultimately I recommend a full membership to TestReadyPro, I recommend attending the TestReadyPro workshop day at Mohawk College and I highly stress the importance of mentoring, networking and simply having other people work with you towards your goal but at the minimum invest $69 in the book, do not make the mistake many people do, waste your money testing before you properly prepare. The same goes with the interviews, if you fail any one of them, you're out for a year.

Hope to see you on the forums!

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