Monday, September 29, 2008

Attention All Police Foundation Students.

To any students who have as of yet to purchase their subscription, get to it! This subscription can be written off just like the expense of your books if you're a Mohawk College Student as the membership is a requirement of your program. Also, you will be tested using the Test Ready Pro website, not on a in class scantron or pencil/paper test. You will do the PATI electronically, it will be automatically graded by TestReadyPro and the marks will be forwarded to your teachers.

Why is this important or do you really need it? It's important because this is not just a portion of your grades but is a test you will need to be prepared for in the near future regardless of whether your career path takes you into corrections, special constable work, border services or police constable work you need this skill set.

When I first started preparing for my police exams I went to every source I could, asked anyone who could give me some insight and sought out as many resources as possible from forums, magazine articles and even reading through the ministry of community safety and correctional services web site. I was in a difficult spot because I had the Officer Exam book and didn't if know it was enough, luckily I found TestReadyPro and discovered it wasn't enough. You're being saved all that time and aggrivation. You know that this is the right material to help you study and ace your exams.

Trust me, this isn't a sales pitch. For some colleges like Mohawk College a membership to TestReadyPro is mandatory, with that being said you can write it off with your other education expenses: tuition, books etc. but I'm telling you, if you want the most comprehensive training for all portions of your upcoming exams sign-up!

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Jason said...

That's very nice post about police foundations programs students. If, I want to complete that course from Mohawk College, How much I have to pay as course fees and what are the qualification required for that ?

Can you give me some information about that ?