Monday, September 8, 2008

Test Ready Pro @ Mohawk College!!

Hello and welcome Mohawk College Police Foundations students! I was impressed to see TestReadyPros material on the shelves at the bookstore. I know Police Foundations college students are a unique breed, highly motivated, and truly dedicated. I think it takes a great amount of courage whether you're right out of high school or a mature student to dive into such a competitive and tasking program. I also want to extend a hand to the second year students, I know previously you were not given sufficent material to prepare for your OACP COR testing. I assure you that if any of you require help TestReadyPro will be there to help you from providing frequent updates to tests, group workshops to prepare and, of course one on one mentoring. Also, your subscription/membership to TestReadyPro is not just a two year membership but it lasts until you don't need it anymore. We're committed to helping you get hired.

Although John Belisle may not be available, Tim Gordon is available to help any and all students looking to prepare for interviews with Police Services, Corrections and Border Services. Also, Tim can help you with your OACP certificate testing, he offers private tutoring sessions on PATI, WCT and BPAD. You can reach Tim here:

Now, throughout the last six months I was writing a blog every week on the hiring process whether it be testing, interviews, application packages, even to getting good volunteer experiences and personal development preparing for your upcoming application. Instead of going through those concepts again now I want to hear from you. Post your questions on the TestReadyPro forum. Go there now, get posting, I will answer you right away on the forum but I'll post in-depth answers here on the blog with a little more generic insight!

By the way, if anyone out there has even one afternoon free a week to volunteer, seriously consider helping out a political party, it's great experience and they really need our support with this coming election. Not involved politically yet? Well, get into it, take a look at all the parties represented in your area, look at who is promoting development in the corrections and law enforcement industry. Also, consider changes being offered by all parties to the criminal code, justice system, rights for police and other essential services workers. If you think you're not represented or something happening with this election won't directly affect you, you're mistaken. Lastly, if you're asking: "What's in it for me?" Well, typically volunteer experiences with political parties are 1) well organized 2) give you a variety of jobs/duties/responsibilities (looks great on a resume) 3) they give great references even if they don't win!


determined said...

john belisle has currently had to sign a contract stating he cannot assist Mohawk students in preparing for anything having to do with interviewing and preparing. Its left alot of us that are going in for our interviews and who are test ready members out in the cold. I think it doesnt reflect well on the college that for those of us who are in police foundations to be without an expert or a mentor to go to in a critical time of our testing. John is an expert and well crafted in showing students how to be successful in the interviewing process. Mohawk has become disappointing too its students in this regard by disallowing him to assist us.

Centenial College said...


Thanks for your information. But I have already take an admission in a community college's police foundations program from where I can complete my studies and they have also prepared us for job interviews.